HSLH 300/500V - Halogen-Free Control Cable with Improved Fire Behaviour

Application: For installations in dry, humid and wet locations, but not outdoors. These cables are used for fix or for flexible applications - but not with high tensile load or for forced bending. Halogen free cables, applied when higher safety in case of fire is required. The cables are flame retardant, their smoke emission in fire is low and released gases are not corrosive.

                     1.Conductor - Copper : Class 5 fine stranded according to EN 60228
                     2.Insulation -  Halogen-free Cross-linkable polyethylene ( XLPE )
                     3.Outher sheath - Halogen free flame retardand compound (HFFR), Grey

Standards: DIN EN 50399
                      DIN EN 60754-2
                      DIN EN 61034-2
                      DIN EN 60332-1-2

Core identification: JZ: One core green/yellow, other cores are black with figures
           OZ: Every core is black with figures
            JB: Colours accordance with HD 308 standard with green yellow
            OB: Colours accordance with HD 308 standard without green yellow

Tridimensional view

Cable Specifications

Electrical Performance:
      Nominal Voltage: 300 / 500 Volt
      Test Voltage [V]AC 2000
      Short circuit time max. [sec] 5
      Bending radius in motion x diameter 15

Temperature range: in motion °C -5°C till +70°C
                                        Fixed °C -30°C till +70°C
                                        Operating temperature short circuit °C 150°C

Flammability: Reaction to fire – EN 50575 - Dca

Download Cable Datasheet