YSLY 300/500V - PVC Control Cable

Application: In dry and damp locations for low and medium-level mechanical stress, but not in the open-air. To be used as a termination and connection cable in the control, measuring and signal technology. Suitable as a signal and impulse cable for control and inspection of industrial plants, production lines and machinery.

                     1.Conductor - Copper : Class 5 fine stranded according to EN 60228
                     2.Insulation -  polyvinylchloride (PVC)
                     3.Outher sheath - polyvinylchloride (PVC), Grey

Standards: Adapted to DIN VDE 0281
                      DIN EN 60228 class 5 (construction)
Core identification: JZ: One core green/yellow, other cores are black with figures
          OZ: Every core is black with figures
          JB: Colours accordance with HD 308 standard with green yellow
          OB: Colours accordance with HD 308 standard without green yellow

Tridimensional view

Cable Specifications

Electrical Performance:
      Nominal Voltage: 300 / 500 Volt
      Test Voltage [V]AC 2000
      Short circuit time max. [sec] 5
      Bending radius one time/fixed x diameter 6
                                     in motion x diameter 15    

Temperature range: in motion °C -5°C till +70°C
                                       Fixed °C -30°C till +70°C
                                       Operating temperature short circuit °C 150°C

Flammability: Reaction to fire EN 60332-1-2 - Eca

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